Integrating Shotgun and JIRA

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UPDATE: A few months after writing this blog post I discovered that using Webhooks in JIRA is much easier. No plugin is required, just a target URL. I strongly recommend that you look at this instead.

I normally don’t write much about programming and software integration on this blog, but I’ve built up some experience with Shotgun and JIRA at work and I thought I’d share some of my findings.

It is expected that you have some experience with both Shotgun and JIRA, including the use of the Shotgun Event Framework and the ScriptRunner add-on for JIRA. You also need the JIRA and Shotgun libraries for Python.

A reoccurring request among Shotgun and JIRA users is a way to integrate the two programs to automatically update certain fields across one another whenever they’re updated. I’ve figured out a way to do this. It may not be the most elegant way of doing it, and I also hear that the producers of the software products are fiddling with their own solution which I’m sure will be better.

But until then, this solution might just work for you.