Hello.I'm Jens.

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I write about PC games, chip music and philosophy. And a bit about comic books too.

SID Factory II

A cross-platform editor with reSID emulator for compo-sing Commodore 64 music.
SID Factory II DeepSID

DeepSID Player

An online SID player for the High Voltage and Compute's Gazette SID collections.


A shell on top of The C-64 Scene Database with a new design and thumbnails.
CShellDB GameDeed


Video games checklist, back-log and database. Supports Steam synchronization.

My Chronicles

5-part series about my com-puter chronicles in the demo scene of the 80’s and 90’s.
My Chronicles My Timeline

My Timeline

A timeline of all my computer activities from 1983 and up, with lots of screenshots.