I have made my own online SID player.

This was actually something I had originally discarded since I wasn’t satisfied with the state of the JavaScript SID emulators I had found online. The one for the SID Visualizer (which uses jsSID by jhohertz) couldn’t play digi tunes and neither could the one by Hermit. Playing digi tunes was a requirement for me.

But then I checked out Jürgen Wothke’s WebSID and it was at a level I found satisfying. It can play all sorts of tunes with weird timings, including digi tunes. Only BASIC tunes are not supported (sod those) as well as 2SID/3SID tunes (a shame but I can live with that for now).

Later, I also added Hermit’s jsSID emulator, and it can play those 2SID/3SID tunes.

Another reason I wanted to make my own SID player was that I didn’t really like most of the existing ones, offline and online. Many are small and doesn’t offer a lot of info, or it’s hidden away in windows and tabs. I wanted to create a player that was KISS while also offering all the useful info at a glance.


The features are as follows:

  • Folders show number of SID files in each (excluding nested folders)
  • SID file rows show year composed and what player it was made in (and often specific too)
  • If a SID file has sub tunes, this too is indicated in the file row
  • You can log in and rate folders and SID files with 5-star ratings
  • Sort a folder list by name, player, rating or year
  • Fast forward button for 8x playing speed (the type that has to be held down)
  • Time bar that also respects fast forwarding and time wrapping
  • When the time is up for a song, the next sub tune or SID file is automatically played
  • Information box with name, author, copyright as well as PAL/NTSC and SID chip model flags
  • STIL box information with nice HTML formatting
  • Responsive design that flexes the height of the playlist according to the browser/device
  • Direct file linking (for example, click here to hear my old “Michelle” tune)
  • Choice between Jürgen Wothke’s WebSid emulator or Hermit’s jsSID emulator.

I have plans for extending this player a lot in the future:

  • Visualizer in the big open space to the right, improving upon the SID Visualizer ideas
  • Custom folder lists in addition to the three HVSC root folders on the first browse level
  • Exporting to CSV so user can see their star ratings for HVSC files in e.g. Excel

Note: The player is currently silent on iPhone/iPad. There’s a hack to circumvent a tapping requirement, but sadly audio only works for a few seconds with it. I’m postponing further experiments until Apple have released their next major iOS update.

Discussion threads


May 20, 2018: Custom folders are now possible. Added the first one for HVSC Favorite Top 100.
May 19, 2018: You can now toggle the SID emulator with a corner button in the bottom search area.
May 18, 2018: The ?search= and (optional) &type= parameters can now also be used to search.
May 17, 2018: Search has been added in the bottom along with a choice between six different types.
May 16, 2018: Added Hermit’s jsSID emulator. Click the “Hermit” link in the credits box to enable.
May 16, 2018: The info box now shows a permalink for copying the URL of the SID currently playing.
May 15, 2018: Upgraded the WebSid emulator which fixes a bug with flawed ring mod and sync.
May 14, 2018: The PAL/NTSC and 6581/8580 flag boxes can now be clicked to toggle emulator settings.
May 13, 2018: Upgraded the ScriptProcessor to v1.03c. This should fix issues in Google Chrome.
May 13, 2018: Added a toggle button for looping a tune indefinitely.
May 13, 2018: A ?file= parameter can now go to a folder (case sensitive) or play a SID file.
May 12, 2018: First version released.

3 comments on “DeepSID

  1. Hey JCH,
    thank you very much for this great tool! It sounds great and has probably the most comfortable and accessible GUI of any SID player. Massive Stuff!
    One small thing: There are in a few cases differences in the sound when compared to real HW recordings. I most noticed that the first time with /MUSICIANS/P/PRI/Slap_Chill-Out.sid.
    The real thing for comparison:
    I don’t know If this is an issue at all though, since I know there are some differences even between two SID chips of the same model and revision. But maybe you know what you can do with that point.
    Anyway, great idea and program!

  2. Thanks, it was my aim to make a user friendly and comfortable SID player.

    The low-level emulation part is actually out of my hands as I just made a GUI on top of Jürgen Wothke’s JavaScript emulator. It’s not perfect, but I still found it good enough to make this player, and he is still updating the code.

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